What’s Holding You Back

To spread the message and continue to inspire our existing passionistas I created a show called The Passion Point.

The Passion Point is a weekly talk show with each week featuring a different, talented passionista discussing their journey to self-fulfillment. Each guest is passionate
about what they do and is successful in pursuing a career in their field of choice.

Cruise Planners - Have2Cruise

Helen Brahms, ECC LCS


In a chapter of my book Passionistas Talk, Volume One, I speak with Helen Brahms from HaveToCruise.com. She is the cruise coordinator extraordinaire and is one of the top ten of cruise planners in the world. She is the woman that without her we would not be able to do our Passion Cruise that we do every year.

I asked Helen her definition of Passion:

Helen says “passion is finding something that you love to do and go out there and do it 110%. Just give it your all and even the little bumps along the way, they don’t matter. There’s a saying I heard one time, that if the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count. That’s how I see passion, is that if your passion is there and your drive is there, then the little bumps in the road; They don’t matter. They don’t count because you are doing what you love to do.  I just start with the basic question, of what do you love to do?  And then I ask “What’s Holding You Back? Why don’t you? What’s stopping you?”

Read more about what Helen has to say about passion in Passionistas Talk, The Best of The Passion Point Interviews!

If you would like to be interviewed on The Passion Point and be considered for the next volume of Passionistas Talk, please contact me here

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