Unleash The Wild Woman Inside

Louise Edington is back and talks with Caren Glasser and Nancy Ferrari about how to unleash the wild woman inside on this episode of Connecting People, Changing Lives,

Unleash The Wild Woman

Louise Edington

She is a life and business mentor who uses astrology and other tools to help women unleash the Wild Woman inside to live in their rhythm, flow and manifest with ease. Unleashing your wild woman means getting in touch with your essence and not holding back. Originally from the UK, Louise has lived on 3 continents and in 5 countries. She has a lovely husband, two teenage daughters and two rescue dogs and a rescue fluffy black kitten called Luna.

Some of the topics we discuss on today’s show include:

What tools does Louise integrate and use in her practice?
Where we are now, what’s coming up.
Why the current Mercury Rx is important here in the USA.
Why your inner wild woman is shouting big time right now.

The dates to look forward to of the upcoming eclipses – March 8th (18 Pisces) and March 23 (3 Libra)

Check out Louise’s new 6-week course that incorporates the Law of Attraction here: http://bit.ly/LouiseUnleashed
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