Becoming a Nauti Yachty with Marine Biologist Tiffany Copeland

Becoming a Nauti Yachty with Marine Biologist Tiffany Copeland

Tiffany CopelandOn this episode of The Passion Point Caren talks with guest Tiffany Copeland from Bravo’s TV Below Deck Mediterranean. Tiffany is from Jupiter, Florida, but lived in Ohio for 10 years before coming back to Florida for college. She got her degree in Marine Biology because of her love of manatees.  Working as a biologist wasn’t making her enough money for food, so she started finding other ways to work on the water.  She has worked on everything from kayaks and paddle boards to 300′ dredge boats.

Yachting was never even on her radar until a few years ago.

When on a blind date in Fort Lauderdale with a yachty she was immediately intrigued by the industry.  She started off as a deckhand/stewardess, but quickly realized her passion was on the exterior.  Now, only two years into the industry, she has climbed the ranks to First Mate and holds her Captain’s license.  She also aspires to be running her own boat within the next few years.

Tiffany loves her adventures wearing her unicorn mask.  In addition, she has chronicled her experiences on her blog Catch The Uni.  Check it out here:

Tiffany’s definition of Passion is: “Following What You Love. If you think you have an interest in something, go for it”

Her favorite quote is: “Not all those who wander are lost”.


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