The Power of Music with Robert Alexander

On today’s episode of The Passion Point, Caren Glasser talks about the Power of Music with Robert Alexander.

Power of Music

Robert Alexander


He is a Los Angeles native, residing in Ventura California. His company, LifeRhythms was created to bring a variety of customized products and services to help promote greater well being in the office and at home. Through his 15 years of experience in the corporate, non-profit and the small business worlds, Robert has been exposed to circumstances and experiences, which have driven him to create a significant impact in the lives of those who truly desire to create a more easeful path for their own overall well being.

He is a member of the Recording Academy, assisted with music assistance in holistic events and has dedicated tremendous amounts of time to help others cultivate and evolve their own well-being. Robert always enjoys connecting like-minded professionals for ongoing business projects and enjoys being of service in the most honesty, authentic and transparent way possible.


Some of the things we talk about:

– LifeRhythms – Robert’s Intention and Vision
– The Power of Music, Customized Affirmations / Soundscapes & 21st Century Sound Healing
– Additional Services and Community Connections
– The Power of Authenticity and Connectivity

Robert’s Favorite Quote:

“There are so many forks in the road, you might as well grab a spoon.” – Robert Alexander


Robert’s Special Offer – Sign on the LifeRhythms mailing list and receive a complimentary half hour phone consultation and a free track off his latest album ‘21st Century Flow’ – sign onto – First 10 signups receive his entire album for free.

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