Your Story Is Intellectual Property: Words As Infinite Currency

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Your Story Is Intellectual Property: Words As Infinite Currency

When I first started to crank out screenplay after screenplay in L.A., some legally savvy friends advised me to register my works, as a way of protecting my precious words. They introduced me to the term “intellectual property”: copyrights, trademarks, and patents. I became obsessed (and maybe a little paranoid), mailing off each new draft of my screenplays with a check for $20 to the Writer’s Guild building on Beverly Blvd. I always joke that I registered so many drafts of so many screenplays, that there must be an entire wing of the WGA building named after me.

Intellectual PropertyUntil recently, therefore, when I heard the phrase “intellectual property” I associated it with legal protection, forms and fees. I never considered that there might be a larger implication to creating and then owning, intellectual property; one of eternal legacy proportions.

For years I’ve been helping people tell their stories – through books, blogs, articles, social media and more.

Then, as the demand for storytelling grew, so did my company, and I built a team of talented storytellers around me to keep up with need for words.

Thousands of words became tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands. Now we look on like proud parents, with excitement and pride as our clients break through their fear and worry barriers about putting their words out there, and publish their works for the world to see. Then, we watch as they profit from their words and write more as a result.

Because of these experiences, I already knew about the power of sharing your story – oh heck yeah! But looking at it from the standpoint of “intellectual property”? This was new, until I did some research, going right to the source – the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Why create intellectual property?

When it comes to the infinite world library of intellectual property that will exist long after we do – how are you contributing?

Your words possess infinite value and potential to build you wealth while transforming our culture. Suddenly the game has changed away from “writing a book” or “writing a blog post” or “writing an article,” hasn’t it?

When you share your unique story, your wisdom, your message, your words – you have just generated intellectual property. You have contributed. You have built something.

At Christine Ink, we are honored that we get to help people develop their intellectual property to transform lives and leave their stamp on the world. Book after book, piece after piece, more people than ever before are entering their words into a library that will last as long as words exist.

What’s in your library of everlasting intellectual property? How are you leaving your forever stamp on the world?

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