Sound, Light Therapy and YOU!

Sound, Light Therapy and You!  Life Vessel offers unique relaxation, users say…..

Chronic stress is more of a problem in today’s world that we think. It’s slowly killing us. We are like the proverbial frog in the pan of water and the water is getting hotter and hotter. We don’t even notice until it’s boiling and…well, you know the end.

In a world of so much stress how do we find peace and quiet? Some meditate, some take a hike in the mountains, and some come to Life Vessel to bask in a unique blend of light, sound, frequency and vibration to gently come back into balance in an unbalanced world.

Sound and Light therapy has been around for thousands of year. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Tibetans and Mayans understood the healing properties of sound, the light spectrum and vibrational harmonics. It’s non-invasive, requires no pills or needles, and is very safe and effective.

Barry McNew is credited with developing The Life Vessel in 1997. He worked with scientists and physicians to discover that the device takes the body to a level below the level of consciousness at an awaken state. He monitored client’s brainwaves and saw that the levels were going into a delta / theta state (deep relaxation / deep sleep) where the body knows how to heal itself, de-stress, detox and relax. In reviewing sleep studies he found that most people never reach REM sleep in their natural sleep patterns and therefore are not utilizing the body’s innate ability to heal itself as we are designed to do. The Life Vessel “tricks” the body into reaching these levels and activates the body’s innate ability to heal while in the vessel.
The Mayo Clinic put out an article entitled; Relaxation techniques can reduce stress symptoms and help you enjoy a better quality of life, especially if you have an illness. It states, “Relaxation techniques can help you cope with everyday stress and with stress related to various health problems, such as cancer and pain.” They go on to state, “Practicing relaxation techniques can reduce stress symptoms by: Lowering blood pressure, Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain, Improving concentration, Reducing anger and frustration, Boosting confidence to handle problems.” It should not come as a surprise to anyone that living with stress day in and day out is not healthy.
Clients use Life Vessel for a number of reasons, including to have clarity / focus, to assist with physical therapy and injury recovery, as a tool for stress and inflammation reduction, for chronic pain management, and to help detox the body.

“By the time I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I had already been in debilitating pain for four years. I had seen every Western Medicine doctor I thought could help me and had been dismissed and ridiculed. After receiving one Life Vessel treatment, (which is four sessions over a three day period.), I felt better than I had in ten years,” says Life Vessel user Danelle Denney

Life Vessel of the Rockies owner Gail Lynn, 44, tried Life Vessel in Cottonwood, AZ and was amazed by the experience, so she decided to open a center in Westminster, CO.

The center includes two Life Vessel units (with room to expand to four) and a relaxing, peaceful environment for clients to come and reduce stress the moment they walk in the door.

The staff controls the vessel from inside the room and is able to adjust the sound and light to the client’s needs. The vessels are roomy and have been likened to tanning beds. The doors easily open by pushing on them so no one is ever trapped in and they can exit at any time. Each session is approximately one hour as the Life Vessel melts the body into a delicious state of deep relaxation. The client’s only job is to release and let go!

Life Vessel of the Rockies’ clientele is a very diverse group of ages and backgrounds, says Gail Lynn, and the center averages anywhere from eight to twelve clients a day.

Clients have come from more than ten U.S. states just to experience the Life Vessel for the three consecutive days that are deemed as the protocol. “We really have not done any marketing or advertising. It’s mostly word of mouth and my efforts to go out and network to educate people about Life Vessel and the dangers of chronic stress,” says Gail Lynn.

Ed Parker, Jr., a martial artist from Pasadena, CA, found his mind was able to focus better. He could feel the toxic cloud over him dissipate. He felt less stress and his face seemed to reflect the lack of stress he had been feeling. “I was skeptical as it is a mystery as to the final outcome. However, when you get results, it kind of says it all,” Parker says.

Dr. Terry Grossman met Life Vessel of the Rockies owner, Gail Lynn, at an integrative medical conference. Gail offered him a professional courtesy session. As a skeptic and physician he agreed under the circumstance that he would not tell her about a problem he wanted to resolve UNLESS he saw an improvement.

“I cannot believe it but I awoke in the morning completely free of back pain for the first time in three months after my first Life Vessel treatment yesterday,” says Dr. Grossman, MD.

Dr. Grossman visited Life Vessel of the Rockies in February 2012 and today is still pain free.

Robert Amador, a.k.a pro wrestler ‘SuperDestroyer’, says, “Over the last twenty or so years I have been involved in the business of Pro Wrestling. During my time as a wrestler I have injured myself many times. Of course [Life Vessel] seemed too good to be true but I’m willing to try anything to feel better so long as it is a natural process. What I felt was that I could breathe through my nose with no problems and within the next few days my sleep pattern improved. Sleeping better and breathing through my nose was all I needed to be convinced that it works.”

Everyone knows that if you have your foot on the gas pedal all the time you are going to eventually run into something. Using The Life Vessel might assist in finding the brake pedal when one really needs it.

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"I spent 20 years in corporate America finding solutions to problems. In 1997 I started studying natural solutions and healing as a hobby. I never dreamed my hobby would morph into my career. Owning a Life Vessel center is the single most rewarding career I have ever had AND I am utilizing my corporate skills of problem solving to help clients, along with my team of doctors and staff, to solve their health problems."

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