Same Shit, Different Day with Heather Elliott

Same Shit Different Day With Heather Elliott

On this episode of The Passion Point, Caren talks with Heather Elliott, author of “Same Shit Different Day”.  Heather Elliott has studied the mind since the early 80s, long before there was much interest in this subject matter. She has been keenly motivated to understand who we are and how life really works and spent much of the 80s in New Age bookstores devouring the information available. Her conclusion: we are powerful beings and we need to learn how to access and use that power wisely.

Heather ElliottMindful Change, her business, allows her to use everything that she has learned about the mind, its power as a creator of our lives and the truth about focus and how it will empower whatever it touches. Since 2005, she has helped hundreds of individuals to make powerful, permanent shifts in their lives by changing the conscious and unconscious beliefs they carry that maintain their experience of the world.

Some of the topics we discuss:

• Where did the title of the book “Same Shit Different Day” come from?

• Who would benefit by reading this book?

• What is the ‘same shit different day merry-go-round?’

Your MIND is the new frontier…Is YOURS creating the life you desire to live?

No one wants to embrace the fact that they have the key to what’s holding them back. In the pioneering work of Heather Elliott, she shows you how to rewire your brain to fully transform old limited thinking or emotional patterns that hold you back from living the life you desire. If you are feeling stuck, and want to get unstuck, answer these two questions:

• Are you ready to do the work that will deliver a new you? To become someone who succeeds, others want to work with and for, is more productive, and less stressed?

• Are you ready to delete behaviors and embedded attitudes that are holding you back to transform your future?

Within Same Shit Different Day, you will get the how-to solutions. Patterns that have been embedded for years can be eliminated; unconscious behaviors that hold you back will be outed; and a new reality that you create that supports your aspirations and goals can be achieved.

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Get ready to experience “Ahas” … “OMG, that sounds like me” to “Finally, I can let go and become who I want to be.” Transformation happens. A different day has begun.

Heather Elliott

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