Why I Did The Reality TV Show Below Deck Mediterranean

Why I Did The Reality TV Show Below Deck Mediterranean

When my friend Kathy invited me to go on a cruise to the Mediterranean, I jumped at the chance for obvious reasons. Then I found out we were going to be on a reality TV show “Below Deck Mediterranean,” Bravo’s hit series, and then there was no question I would check this out! As you can imagine, I was excited yet at the same time a little apprehensive.

We were informed that it was unscripted and that kind of made me nervous, because anything could happen and it would be out of my control. But I realized I was going on a trip of a lifetime…. So my curiosity got the best of me and I made the decision that … I WAS IN!!! Check out my post about traveling Below Deck Mediterranean HERE

Since returning from that amazing trip, and seeing the show on TV, the question I get most from people is, “Why did you go on a reality TV show?!”

Here’s why:

As the Digital Diva that I am, I believe that any publicity is good publicity (within legal limits of course!) I knew going in I was going to create content that I could leverage later, so during the trip – while I was having an awesome time – I made a point to take photos, do videos, and take notes in my journal.
Turns out we behaved ourselves on the trip – they called us the ‘charter from heaven’ – so I knew I had nothing to worry about in leveraging this experience for my business. As I tell you how I did it, think about something you’re doing, have done, or are going to do that you could leverage for your own business…

Here’s how I leveraged being on a Reality TV Show:

So the trip is over, the show “Below Deck Mediterranean” airs, and here come the possibilities!

  •  The crew referred to us as the #GoldenGirls. WATCH IT HERE
    Now, do I think I’m a Golden Girl? Not really, but I don’t care. I made a hashtag out it. People love the #GoldenGirls, so when they search them, who are they going to find? Me! The Digital Diva. I made a fun graphic with a photo of the Golden Girls and a photo of the six of us, and posted it. The post has received 100’s of likes and retweets and will continue to bring me visibility.


  • Because of our adventure on the Wave Runners, we were called the #ShreddingGrannies. Only one of us is actually a grandmother, but who cares? All in fun. We made a hashtag from that too. There was a scene on the show where we were served an incredible meal on the beach which included gourmet (and hilariously sticky) s’mores. You guessed it – hashtag for #Smores. If someone is looking for recipes, they’ll find us. Will every single person stay on our page? No, but you can see how this kind of exposure widens the net to attract many more people who might be drawn to our business.
  • I interviewed the Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier from the Ionian Princess. (The yacht we sailed on in the Mediterranean). I published it as a blogpost, and in under 12 hours we had over 120 views on the interview. I checked out analytics for the interview later in the day and we had over 700 views and counting. WOW. I also posted it on YouTube which has been viewed over 150 times within 24 hours!

Here is the Facebook Live video I did about this:

I just did a video on a reunion with the women I traveled with in which we recapped our trip experience and answered questions.

It’s fun for everyone and people are interested in the experience (and the show). From the feedback and questions I get, I can create more ways to engage that will keep the visibility going.  Think about how this leverage is working for me and how it can work for you too: over and over, 24/7, 365 days a year.

This is digital content that works for you even when you’re not working. Cool, right? It’s the power of the web.

And you don’t have to be on a reality show to make this work for you and your business. Just look for the possibilities.

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