How A Fashion Designer and Yachty Launched Myrtle & Maude

How A Fashion Designer and Yachty launched Myrtle & Maude

Hello everyone, this is Caren Glasser and on this episode of The Passion Point I speak with Julia D’Albert Pusey, co-founder of Myrtle & Maude. Her background in fashion led to the creation and development of her own label D’ALBERT. Julia moved to London to pursue Tailoring at the London College of Fashion.  She then completed post-graduate studies at the acclaimed Central Saint Martin’s College. In 2012 she also obtained her MA in Paris. At the same time she also built a great reputation in luxury yachting in the South of France.  Here she worked as a stewardess to fund her studies and business ventures.

Myrtle & MaudeShe has a strong entrepreneurial streak with a passion to succeed, being highly motivated is the reason she set up in business for herself.

The label celebrated many successes, including presenting in the Paris Weeks.  She also received coverage in various publications including ‘The Guardian’ newspaper and ‘Vogue’ magazine.

Last year during the summer she returned to work on the yachts for 5 months to build up some capital so she could pursue Myrtle & Maude on her return. While working she became a cast member on an American reality TV program ‘Below Deck Med’ which has just finished airing in the US. From that she received numerous messages of support from woman saying that she inspired them in the way that she worked hard.

The whole idea and essence of Myrtle & Maude was triggered after working in the super-yacht industry.

She saw a demand for nausea products after seeing guests suffer from seasickness. This spurred her on with the idea of researching travel sickness. She found very few natural products were available on the market. Because of this, she started a sideline business called ‘MOTION MEDIC’ and developed her own brand of Acupressure wristbands.

Once the wristbands reached the market, it was very clear there was demand. While she received many emails, many were not only from customers enquiring about travel sickness. In addition, she also received emails from pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. They asked if the product could help relieve their symptoms. This increase in horizontal product enquiry encouraged her to research the Alternative medicine market and what natural products were available for morning sickness.

As she loves to innovate and find niche markets, this drove her to develop the idea for Myrtle & Maude and produce a product range to suite a target market. She saw a gap in what is a considerable market place. Because of this, she has spent the last 6 months developing a new range of products that have been industry tested, have all their manufactures and suppliers in place and in the process of becoming organically certified. They currently sell online and have independent stockist in the North of England.




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