My child has come out as LGBTQ

My child has come out as LGBTQ

On this episode of Connecting People Changing Lives, Susan Berland talks with Caren Glasser and Nancy Ferrari about having a LGBTQ child.


Susan Berland

Parenting Coach Susan Berland is fiercely committed to guiding parents of LGBTQ youth back to a loving, accepting relationship when they are struggling to accept their child as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer. Susan guides parents and their kids to communicate effectively, trust one another and accept one another where and as they are.

Some of the things we discuss:

– What are some of the common reactions parents have in regards to LGBTQ?
– Is it different for a parent when their child comes out as transgender than when he or she comes out as gay, bisexual or lesbian?
– What impact is the parent’s reaction having in their home, in the relationships between the parents and between the parents and their child?
– What about religion? How does a parent react when they love their child and they conflicted because of their religious beliefs.
– Are there signs your child might be LGBT? What should a parent look for?
– What strategies do you share with them to ease the tension and move them from their confusion and fear to acceptance and understanding?
– What would be the optimal reaction for a parent to have when their child tells them they are gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender?
– What if I suspect my child is gay? Should I ask?

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