Meet Clairaudient Psychic, Jane Ellen Plotkin

Meet Clairaudient Psychic, Jane Ellen Plotkin

When Jane Ellen Plotkin was a child, she was a natural mystic and psychic. As she grew, she prayed for a life that went beyond the best one she could imagine. She meditated and prayed continuously for many years, yet in her wildest dreams, Jane never imagined she would receive a gift of enlightenment. In college, Jane studied comparative religion and mythology.

PsychicThroughout her life, she has been drawn to the work of the great mystics.

In her early 30s Jane became a psychotherapist with a depth orientation. The psychologist C.G. Jung was her inspiration. The way he combined personal mystic experience with depth analytic study caught her imagination. Since then, Jane has taught couples-counseling to masters students in psychology; lectured on the work of C.G Jung, and given seminars on a variety of themes. She also became a hypnotherapist.

In working with people over a period of years, Jane found there were many issues rooted in the subconscious mind and that needed to be released on that level.

She has used her psychic insight to help others in their quests.

In the year 2,000 – at 50 years old – Jane had an experience of enlightenment. It lasted about five days and night and she came out of it with an ability to channel.

“I suppose I am one of those ordinary citizens,” Jane says, “whom SPIRIT has blessed in this way in order to let others know it is possible to have great dreams come true late in life. So, wherever in your life’s dream you find yourself don’t give up because you fear it’s too late!”

For information on private sessions and group healing circles, please call A Talk with Spirit at (310) 709-7071 or email Jane Ellen at

Jane Ellen Plotkin is also available for speaking and group presentations.

“Jane is an amazing psychological intuitive who can tune into people, events, situations and accurately read what most probably will happen. I have asked her repetitively to look into what I am doing, with whom and give me the most probable outcomes. She hits the targets repetitively with finesse, elegance and accuracy. I recommend her great talents without equivocation. I am elated that she counsels me with her wisdom and insight.”
– Mark Victor Hansen, Author Chicken Soup for the Soul

“It was not an accident when Mark Victor Hansen introduced me to Jane. Her spiritual insights and guidance has been a lifeline for me. And, her ability to cut to the core of a situation has helped me see what I could not see as well as recognize my own strengths. Jane is a gift to anyone who knows her. It is not an accident that you are reading this testimonial.”
– Sharon Lechter, Co-author Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Jane Ellen Plotkin, M.A. is an intuitive counselor, consultant and channel. Her work is well known for its wide scope, clarity of detail, penetrating insight and gentle healing power. The combination of her traditional background as a marriage family therapist and life coach, together with her gift of channeling makes her work truly exceptional.