Maximizing Your Time This Summer Preparing For College

Parents, wouldn’t you like to maximize your time this summer preparing for college?

Aren’t we glad summer is nearing?  If you’re the parent of a high school senior, the application and admissions process is completed.  You made the huge mistake of letting your student apply to their schools of choice.  Your kid was accepted and is happy as a lark.  There is one huge problem with this picture.  The financial aid office at these schools has awarded you no financial aid other than loans.  How are we going to pay for it?

The past month I’ve received well over 20 calls from families who’ve seen me speak in the past three years and decided to go it on their own.  Not they are reaching out and begging for help.  They let their 17 year old kid make school choice decisions based mainly on friends and neighbors suggestions.  The financial ramifications were not included in this proves.   You may now realize your kid has made a $110,000 (the average cost of college) to $150,000.00 decision of your money.  Worst of all, you can’t afford to pay for these schools.   What now?

You have two choices; sign the promissory note for the Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students which may be $20,000.00 to $40,000.00 per year.  Inform your kid who has worked his butt off in high school that they did their part in the classroom but we didn’t prepare financially for our portion of the financial equation.  You need to attend a local community college.

If you are the parent of a college bound student, please don’t let this happen to you.  Start this process early and save thousands of dollars for your kid’s college education.  Here is the link to get your personal copy of “12 Insider Secrets to Pay For College” Free Report

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Dan Evertsz

College Funding Expert at College Money Pros
Dan Evertsz is the CEO of College Money Pros Over the past 9 years, Dan has helped hundreds of working families access merit scholarships for their college bound students as well as implementing a college funding plan to cover their share of the cost. Mr. Evertsz has been an expert in the Education, Financial Services and the Real Estate industries for the last 27 years. Dan Evertsz has helped hundreds of families navigate this complicated process. Dan has practical experience due to his experience with his daughter who is a recent college graduate. Prior to her entering college, Dan experienced the frustrations of the admissions and financial aid process first hand. Fast forward nine years later, Dan is a recognized leader in the college funding arena. Dan will help your family get all your children through college in a comfortable manner without destroying your nest egg, deferring your retirement or going into student or parent loan debt.