8 Instagram Tips for Marketing Your Business

8 Instagram Tips for Marketing Your Business

In this last post we’re going to go over 8 Instagram tips for marketing your business. They will help you achieve the best results possible from your Instagram marketing campaigns.

There is no doubt that the Internet is an extremely visual place, with millions of images uploaded daily. Much more so, than a few short years ago when textual content ruled the world. Now, I’m not saying that providing your visitors with informative content isn’t still important. However, strong captivating images have the ability to reach far more people than plain text. It is for this very reason that businesses are using Instagram to promote their products, services and build their brand presence online.

Instagram is effective because it allows you to upload and use images to paint a visual story about your business. The right picture can captivate, entertain and ignite consumer interest in your products and services, so that they will follow you and ultimately make a purchase from you.

When it comes to getting the best results for Marketing Your Business from your Instagram marketing campaigns there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. The perfect username

It’s a good idea to use your business or brand name as your Instagram username. This way when people search for your products and services it will be easier for them to find you. Don’t worry if you’ve already set up your Instagram account under a different name, you can simply log in and edit your profile. Keep in mind that it may take some time for your new username to display.

2. Share well

As we have discussed before it’s important to share compelling and engaging photos, so that your followers will be inclined to like and share them with others. It’s also important to make sure you share frequently. Just like with any other type of social marketing consistency is key because your followers will leave you in the dust if you don’t keep them entertained.

3. Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of photo’s. As we discussed in a previous lesson, try posting funny, emotional, thought evoking images and then keep an eye on which type of photo receives the most attention. This will help you develop a better understanding of what visually stimulates your consumers to take action.

4. Ask

One sure way of finding out what your followers want is to ask for their feedback. Don’t be shy and trying to make the process as fun and engaging as possible for them. You can do this by offering them something in return for their honest opinions or by running a little contest to see who can post the most thought-provoking comment or idea. Remember, social marketing is all about engagement.

5. Tell a story

Make sure your photos tell a story about your business. You can do this by posting images your products or services while they’re in development, so that your consumers can see each step of the process. You can also share images of happy employees and customers enjoying your products. The bottom line is be as creative as possible so that your followers will look forward to seeing what you post next.

6. Don’t forget your Hashtags

I know we’ve discussed this before, but hashtags are an extremely important part of marketing your business with your Instagram marketing campaign, because they help consumers quickly find images that interest them. They will also get your images listed on Instagram’s public tag pages, and in the search engine results, which can help send your likes and comments through the roof. Another good idea is to create a unique hash tag for your business and encourage your followers to use it when sharing your photos. A good example of this is Coca-Cola. Not only did they create a hash tag for their main brand they’ve also created hash tags for their other products like #DietCoke and even for some of their promotions. I use #DigitalDiva!

7. Geo-tagging

As we’ve discussed before, Instagram’s location services are an extremely powerful way to drive customers to your business. By geo-tagging your photos you can get consumers in your local community more involved with your business. In the Instagram share panel you can click Add Location to find your location in the suggestions or search for the location and select it.

8. Get connected

Finally make sure that you connect all of your business related social media accounts. By synchronizing all of your accounts, you will have a much better chance of expanding and engaging your audience on multiple platforms.

With a little time, testing and creativity there is no reason that you can’t use it for marketing your business, products and services in a way that is fun, engaging and extremely effective.

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