The Power of Live Broadcasting with Daniel Mayer and Tzafrir Rehan of Belive.TV

The Power of Live Broadcasting with Belive.TV

Today on The Passion Point, Caren talks about the power of Live Broadcasting with the brains behind Belive.TV.

Live Broadcasting

Daniel Mayer


The CEO, Daniel Mayer has worked as a Product manager since 2009.  He co-founded 3 Startups and 1 exit and loves to Snowboard.




Live Broadcasting

Tzafrir Rehan



CTO Tzafrir Rehan previously worked at Google, has been a Social Media enthusiast since 2006, Multiplayer Gamer and a musician at heart.



So, what is Belive.Tv? It’s the easiest way to create the best Facebook Live broadcasts right from your desktop.  We already know the importance of creating visibility online. Up until now most of us who understood the power of Facebook Live would use our mobile devices to launch our live shows.  With you can create lives that interact with your followers in an easy and intuitive way.  Try it… I know you will like it!

Some of the things we talk about:
1. When their journey began
2. The story behind how they built their first live broadcasting product (AweVid)
3. How they are pivoting to Facebook Live as BeLive
4. Updates!

Go and create your first broadcast through BeLive!  There are currently 2 formats in public beta to choose from: Q&A (you are on camera alone) and Face to Face (invite a guest to join you)
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