Increase Your Confidence, Credibility and Profitability Through Authentic Style

Increase Your Confidence, Credibility and Profitability Through Authentic Style

Hello everyone, this is Caren Glasser and Welcome to The Passion Point. This is the show that invites some of the top passionistas in the world to share their passion.  They tell us how they are following their passion making a living doing what they love. Our guest today is Susan Jacobs. She is an image professional who helps her clients increase their confidence, credibility and profitability through authentic style. As a leader in the industry Sue has been featured on television, radio, numerous print outlets including being spotlighted in her industry’s magazine, AICI Global.

Authentic StyleSue is passionate about giving back to the community and does so in a variety of ways.  In addition to hosting large fashion fundraising events, she supports and raise awareness for her favorite charities most often being Make-A-Wish.

In this great conversation Susan shares her favorite childhood quote: “It takes a village”. Sue is very pleased that she has found a way to marry her passion as well as helping others reach their potential with giving back to community that she serves and that has served her.

This week’s quote is: Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.

You can get in touch with Susan by visiting her website:
Twitter – @sueinthecity
Instagram – @sueraej
Facebook – Susan Jacobs
Facebook Business page – Personal Style Image And Wardrobe Consulting

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