IMBUE the Beautiful You by Inspiring Your Massive Beauty!

IMBUE the Beautiful You by Inspiring Your Massive Beauty!

What is IMBUE? IMBUE is about inspiring YOUR massive beauty uniquely expressed by YOU!

Alexandra Levin and Caren Glasser combined forces to create a webinar that offers a nugget, a nudge, or an insight to move women forward toward embracing their unique selves. We talked about 3 important aspects of IMBUE-ing a beautiful you: embracing your own uniqueness, going beyond your fears, and self-love. Watch the webinar replay above to get the full story:

As you watch and/or read on, have something handy to jot down your answers to our questions and other notes.

Embracing your own uniqueness

Is it fair to say that most of us have at least one thing that we don’t like about ourselves? We think that’s true – and in fact, it’s very normal. In fact, we each have our own thing. For me (Caren) it was my “Little White Lie,” that I had been advising others to show up authentically as themselves while I’d been dying my hair for over 30 years. For me (Alexandra) it was my wrinkles that bothered me, and the not-so-subtle suggestions from my mom and friends, to “do something about it.”

We both have learned not only to accept these not-so-perfect things, but to embrace them! And for both of us, they’ve even become part of our movements to inspire women to show up authentically and beautifully, just as they are (which is how we met, by the way).

Everyone has their own unique beauty that is just waiting to be expressed. We invite you to find yours.

Here is your Call to Action:

  1. Start by proclaiming what one thing is that you that you wish was different. Write it down or say it loud and proud.
  2. Next, think about one step you can do right now to embrace your uniqueness. Write down, and make a personal commitment to yourself to actually do it!

Going beyond your fears

As you courageously take that first step to embrace your own uniqueness – even with that thing you don’t love so much about yourself — you might be hearing a voice in your head say: “I can’t do that.” As in:

“I can’t let my hair go gray!”

“I can’t keep getting wrinkles!”

“I can’t take on this exercise routine!”

And so on.

That voice is very creative and convincing. And it goes on loudspeaker every time you get out of your comfort zone. Yes, that’s what’s happening — You’re stepping out of your comfort zone to step into something much more powerful, which is embracing your uniqueness. And that little voice wants to keep you ‘safely’ the same.

But we encourage you to keep moving forward, despite the voice and the fear. Therefore, we have two suggestions to support you:

One of my (Caren’s) favorite questions to ask when someone asks me advice on something that frightens them is:

“What’s the worst-case scenario. and can you live with it?”

Addressing that worst-case scenario often dis-empowers it, so it doesn’t seem so bad after all. And when we ask ourselves, “Can we live with it?” we’re empowering ourselves to make a clear choice. If we can, then we have nothing to fear; if we can’t, then we choose to do something else instead.

One of my (Alexandra’s) favorite phrases is:

“If you can’t, you must.” This means that if I hear myself thinking “I can’t do that,” then I know that it’s the EXACT thing I have to do!


Doing what we think we can’t propels us out of our comfort zone, and straight into new areas of self-expression and growth. And that is where miracles happen – miracles of beauty and self-expression. Who of you have found yourself in a situation where you said to yourself “this is too scary, I can’t do it”


Here is your Call to Action:

  1. What is one thing you are afraid of doing? Think about it; write it down.
  2. What is one step are you going to take today to start overcoming that fear? Write it down, and commit to yourself (or, better yet, tell us in the comment below – or a friend!) that you will take that step.



The last nugget we offer you is Self-love. When you love yourself first, then you can better and more effectively make the changes you want to make, to be a better YOU and have a better life.

A great way to practice self-love is to do at least one thing every day that nourishes your soul.

What are some of the things you can do to love yourself up?

  • Hot bath
  • Have lemon water in the morning
  • Move your body, whether it’s exercise, dance, walk
  • Make a gratitude list
  • Call a friend
  • Do something creative like art, music, crafts, read

Here is your Call to Action:

  1. Write out 10 things you love and appreciate about yourself. Feel free to continue to add to that list anytime!
  2. Write down one thing you can do today to love yourself up! Then commit to yourself and someone else to do it. Add more things as time allows you.


We hope you found some nuggets, nudges and inspiration to apply to your life! This is a co-creative process for us, and just part of the program we are building. So, we would love to hear from you about what’s important to you when it comes to embracing yourself. Go to THIS LINK and complete a very quick survey. When you submit your survey, you’ll receive a gift, and a chance to win a Kindle version of the IMBUE Journal scheduled to be published very soon.


And please leave your Call-to-Action answers and comments below!

Your hosts for this webinar:

Alexandra Levin is a co-founder of The Back Forty – a movement, community, and transformational coaching programs which support midlifers to see the second half of life as an inspiring, radical, and purposeful best half based on the dual premises that “the best is yet to come” and “you have yet to do what you came here to do.” She is a business and personal coach committed to supporting people in playing – and winning – their own big games in life

Caren Glasser is the Founder of Spark It Network – a collaborative blogging and media site. She is the host of an influential WEB TV Show The Passion Point and more recently launched a global movement called “The Little White Lie” asking women to embrace their authentic self, talents, and gifts and say YES to embracing their own Little White Lie!

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