How to Live Vibrant and Healthy in a Toxic World

On this episode of Connecting People, Changing Lives Caren and Nancy speak with Suzy and Fuzzy Manning about how to live vibrant and healthy in a toxic world.

Toxic World

Toxic World

Suzi and Fuzzy are passionate about helping people make choices for optimum health, balanced energy, low stress, and clarity and focus to live life to the fullest. They believe that you can live an extraordinary life with vibrant health, time freedom, and financial freedom in a toxic world.

They are thought-provoking leaders, inspirational speakers, published authors, and insightful mentors helping people manifest their dreams, renew their spirit, and create an extraordinary life with infinite possibilities. Their expertise is helping people live authentic and fully alive. Suzy’s expertise has been helping women claim their inner beauty, brilliance, intuitive wisdom, and their feminine power. Fuzzy is a heart-centered breakthrough intuitive who holds a safe space for you to resolve whatever is preventing you from living your dreams. As a result, people are happier, have more fun, are stress free, and have the energy to do what they love when they want.

Some of the topics we discuss:

1) Toxic thought:

Tools to change our thought process:
AffirmationsAdd value to others lives

2) Toxic nutrition

Book: TDOS Syndrome
What’s missing

3) Toxic lifestyle

Resistance training

Check out Suzy and Fuzzy on Facebook.  They also have a group page Vibrant Healthy People.  Private message them if interested.

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