How To Easily Write Essays in 4 Steps

How To Easily Write Essays

Looking back, I remember having to write a lot of papers about everything from the Civil War to George Orwell’s 1984. I’m going to show you how to easily write essays.

Just follow these simple steps.

Write EssaysFirst off, you have to know what you are writing about, or else it’s a moot point. The first thing you need to do is research your topic. This can be fun if you do it right. By that I mean find some sources you would enjoy reading for fun, and not for school. This means look up websites or magazines, that you might pick up, if you just wanted to pass the time.

Secondarily, once you have your information, pick out your thesis. Your thesis is going to be the main point you that you will look to discuss with your audience. If you are writing a report about deforestation, you might make the point about how we need to find better ways to get and keep resources we need from the earth. In this case, your thesis will specify about better ways to use natural resources.

After coming up with your theme, you will need to break it down into separate parts or body paragraphs. These paragraphs are going to be your different proofs and reasonings as to why you are correct and why the audience should continue reading.

The conclusion paragraph is just that, your ending. This is where it all comes together and finishes off your thoughts on the thesis. This is an important paragraph, because you want to send your point home and make it great.

For the paragraphs, I find a simple way to write them out: outlining.

Before you start to write, list all your main points with the thesis sentence first and the conclusion last. This way all you need to do is put the sentences in order, add your punctuation, and after double checking for spelling and grammar, finalize the draft.

If you use these skills, you will make a great essay or paper, every time.

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