Get The Authenticity Advantage with Cat Williford

Get The Authenticity Advantage with Cat Williford

AuthenticityCat Williford is the Founder of The Modern Goddess™ and The Authenticity Advantage™. Since 1994, she has helped thousands of women move from debilitating perfectionism and feeling like they can’t be who they really are, or do what they really want to do, into unmasking and embracing their fabulous feminine energy, resulting in the experience of deep self-love, authentic confidence and success on their terms.

While Cat is a pioneer of the Coaching profession, receiving one of the first professional coaching credentials in the United States, she is much more than a master coach. She is a conversation starter, archetypal authority, speaking skills expert, ceremonial priestess, retreat facilitator, coach trainer, healer, and former professional actress. Cat is not an off-the- rack kind a gal, and neither are the executives and business owners she supports with her eclectic blend of Coaching, Astrology, Spirituality, Mythology, MBTI, Gallup’s Strengths Finder and Positive Intelligence.

At home on any stage, Cat is an international keynote speaker, has appeared on the Maury Povich show running interference between teenage girls and their mothers, advocated in Sacramento on bills stiffening domestic violence laws, coached live on ABC’s talk radio, and was profiled in The Los Angeles Times.

Authenticity Advantage™ Focus Cards help start off your day with intention, clarity and strength.

This mini-deck is designed for rapid connection to your Authenticity and Soul. Though their small size is perfect for pockets, wallets and travel, these focused affirmations work on deep, transformational levels. Plus, they make you feel good!

Cat loves to share inner game resources – please claim your complimentary mini-deck of Authenticity Advantage focus cards here:

She also loves to connect, so contact her!,, 805.271.1155

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