Creating a Life You Love When Marriage Ends

Creating a life you love when marriage ends is not easy

I have survived and indeed flourished over the last couple years of life change with a little (no… a hell of a lot) of help from the following lifesavers:

  1. Friends (and family)
  2. Random and well-timed Facebook philosophy
  3. David GrayColbie Caillat, Christine Cane, Gavin Degraw, Jann Arden
  4. Melodie Beatty (Beyond Codependency)
  5. A well-timed and generous lover or two…
  6. My spirituality and groovy, optimistic views on, and trust in life
  7. My own hard-headed and resourceful nature
  8. Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master’s Cards
  9. Quan Yin & Buddah

The “divorce diet” was also an unexpected source of initial inspiration. While it left me with an albeit unhealthy, lack of energy, it also left me with the surprise benefit of the weight loss that then inspired me to continue the pattern in a healthy way when I came to. I could also now feel free to eat all of my favorite grains and vegetables that had fallen off of the family menu planning list as I was the only one who was eating them… yay!  I was on my way to creating a life I loved.


If life ever kicks your ass in this direction you will figure out exactly who your real friends are and real quickly, as you journey through this territory… I don’t know how many times that my friends heard and really listened to my anger rants and sob stories (if not the same ones, painfully similar ones again and again) but man, did they listen and they should each receive a Nobel prize for it. Friends are the most important things in your life especially during a hard transition like this. Value, honor, respect and take impeccable care of them always – you may need them for your salvation one day and they will most likely need you one day too. I was housed, listened to, entertained, nurtured, fed, and listened to again about a thousand more times. They sent cards, texted, emailed, called, included me, moved me, got me organized, got me to laugh, got me drunk, sobered me up, and most of all loved me out of feeling unlovable. My glass is humbly and reverently raised to them, one and all! Julie’s photographs and artwork are available at In The Moment Creative Are you enjoying this excerpt from my upcoming book “Game On! Journey Back To Self And Beyond”?  Complete the form to be notified when available in book stores.

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