Creating a Life of Happiness, Health and Harmony

As an expert on reducing the negative emotional and mental wounds from your past which can negatively impact your happiness, health and harmony I focus my attention on making a profound impact in people’s lives as a speaker/teacher/life coach, and a Reiki Master.

I teach and empower individuals how to find their POWER WITHIN. This will enable you to live a passionate life filled with endless possibilities, an abundance of happiness and successes and a sense of purpose that is aligned with your true heart’s desire.
Over my many years of teaching, treating and transforming thousands of individual lives, I have identified an important LINK between the emotional and mental wounds that we carry with us from childhood that often impact our lives even today. When you are able to identify these aspects that cast doubts, fears and limitations, you can change the power that they have on you personally and what you draw into your life.

Our energetic bodies can be significantly impacted by our behaviors; emotional and mental thoughts; and even what we believe to be true.

Did you know that not all physical symptoms have a physical origin. Do you know how body, mind and spirit connection and how energetically your body responds to your physical, mental and emotional stress? You hold the keys to your happiness, health, and harmony and that by learning to use The Power Within, you can eliminate your anger, hatred, sadness, isolation, hopelessness, guilt, and pain.

My interactive approach, empowers you to achieve indisputable results that will totally transform every aspect of your life.  My new book (soon to be released) THE POWER WITHIN – 3 Essential Keys to a Vibrant, Passionate and Empowered You! will literally empower you in transforming your life into one that you desire.
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Cindy is a powerful tranformational teacher, reiki master and life coach that empowers the individual to heal and take action steps to accomplish their goals and identify their passions. Sign up for her FREE monthly meditation-reiki at

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