2 Steps To Writing A College Essay That Will Get You Noticed

2 Steps To Writing A College Essay That Will Get You Noticed

One of the most important things you will have to do when applying for college, is writing your college essay. Now, it won’t be the only thing you need, but nowadays, almost every college is looking for an essay that stands out.

College EssayHere are two steps to help you out:

Step One

First off, they usually ask you what makes you the ideal candidate. Now keep in mind, they get millions of these things, so saying you’re a hard worker and a great student, is not going to cut it. Pick an aspect of your life that truly personifies you as an individual. It can be an incident that shaped you or an action that got you to where you are today. Remember, you are the only you out there, so make sure you show the college that in spades.

Step Two

Secondly, make sure you don’t just focus on your school work itself. While they need to know you have the grades, it’s not always the most important or impressive thing to talk about. They want your worldliness and culture, the things you’ve done in your life. Whether it’s traveling or publishing, the things you have done, that made you who you are, are the things that are going to set you apart from the herd, so to speak. What you have done, is something that makes you as a person.

Now you might say, well everyone has done the things I have, so what makes it different? Good question. The two paragraphs above. Specifically how and what you write. What makes you different, is how you use the experiences in your life and how the experiences changed you in ways it might not have someone else.

With these two tips, and your backstory, you can write an college essay that will get you noticed and continue your schooling adventure!

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