Confessions Of A Chief Stewardess Sailing The Mediterranean

Confessions Of A Chief Stewardess Sailing The Mediterranean

On today’s episode of The Passion Point, Caren talks with Hannah Ferrier.  Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Hannah has been a chief stewardess for five years. Originally she worked in sales. Then Hannah discovered, after traveling across Europe, that she wanted to pursue the adventure of yachting and has never looked back.

Chief Stewardess

Relentless with achieving her career goals, Hannah’s charm and perseverance has allowed her to rise to the top.

She holds very high standards, especially when it comes to the Mediterranean as it is the ultimate location in the world for yachting. With a work hard, play hard mentality, Hannah sees herself settling down one day but for the time being she enjoys every aspect that yachtie life offers.

Hannah gets personal as she talks about her work as a Chief Stewardess. She also talks about her life after Below Deck Mediterranean in addition to her relationship with her mom.

Says Hannah: “If I ever got a job that I was only giving 50% then I would quit today.  Whatever job I have, I want to give my all.”

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