So, You Want To Be An Inventor! What Problem Do You Solve?

So, Your Want To Be An Inventor! What Problem Do You Solve?

Be An Inventor


On this episode of The Passion Point Caren talks with Jody Harris.  She is a mother, grandmother, business woman, inventor, Author, Speaker, Business Consultant and a Publisher. She has learned from experience the struggles of trying to zip a dress that zips in the back. After enduring many frustrations and asking for help from strangers, She decided to solve this problem once and for all and invented the ZippedMe. Today she helps individuals who want to be an inventor.

This invention solves many problems by being a zipper helper tool and by assisting someone who struggles to zip up their boots or pants. Then you can wear the ZippedMe as a necklace or a boot decoration….the uses of this accessory are endless.  In addition, Jody is the inventor behind  YukBGone and is affiliated with Grate Stripper and has spoke on many stages from the west coast to the east coast.  One of Jody’s passions includes publishing where she makes Authors dream come to reality.  and inventor.

Some of the things we discuss:

  1. When and why Jody started her businesses.
  2. What Jody wishes she knew when she started her business?
  3. There are so many wonderful parts of Jody…inventor, publisher, consultant, speaker. When did she realize she had the power and the will to do all of these things?
  4. What are Jody’s inventions?
  5. How did she decide which ideas to take to market?
  6. How does Jody take an invention from a concept to successful product?
  7. Most people are afraid of the marketing aspect. What would she say to the new inventor to help them move past marketing fears?
  8. What is the one thing she would absolutely recommend to create a solid foundation when launching a new product?
  9. What’s next for Jody? Where does she see herself in 5 years

You can learn more about Jody Harris here:
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