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Walking Backwards for Christmas: The Aston Kids

Aston Kids

Walking Backwards for Christmas: A Tale of Woe from Soggyhall, Chapter 4: Edgbaston, November & Early December 1960: The Aston Kids [the featured picture is a photo of some children at play (see lower right-hand corner) outside a block of “back-to-backs” in Birmingham, sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s, most likely in Aston, but […]

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The ABC Minors Club: American Saturday Matinees

American Saturday Matinees

The ABC Minors Club: A 60’s Experience Part 2: American Saturday Matinees Last time, we left off with a discussion of the superiority of the snack bars at American kiddie matinees. Giving more points to Team America (note the clean-pressed, antiseptic interior of an American suburban cinema in the featured picture) let me get the […]

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