You Hear, But Are You Really Listening?

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You Hear, But Are You Really Listening?

In a relationship, it is of utmost importance that a couple knows how to communicate with each other well. It has been a known fact that good communication in a relationship fosters growth and betterment.

Sadly, some couples just do not know how to communicate with each other effectively. This tends to end up with the relationship crumbling down. Couples usually forget that communication is a give and take process. It is not all about talking and talking. In a relationship, it is very vital that couples should only know how to talk to each other but they should also know how to listen to each other.

Are you really listening?

Sometimes it just feels so much better to speak than to listen. You ramble about any topic under the sun. But when the time comes that it is your turn to listen, do you really listen?

You see, there are people who people who listen and there are people who just hear. Between the two of them, it would be best to avoid doing the latter.

Hearing VS Listening

As silly as it may seem, hearing is definitely different from listening. Even though both terms require the ears and the sense of hearing, both are actually two worlds apart.

Hearing, by definition, is the ability to perceive sounds with the use of the ears. An example of this would be hearing the dog bark, or hearing the screams of the police sirens. In short, it just simply happens.

Listening on the other hand is an act that you consciously do. It is a choice and not just by chance. A good example that would differentiate the two is a scenario between the husband and wife. The husband is watching the championship of NFL. The wife then arrives home from work and wants to tell her husband about her day. She goes to the TV room and starts narrating her story. The husband just keeps on nodding but seemed aloof since he is quite engrossed with the game on the television.

In this scenario, was the husband hearing or listening to his wife? If you answered listening, then you are wrong. The husband in this situation is actually just hearing what his wife is saying ñ the message enters the left ear and goes out of the right. He is very much into the game that he does not really internalize what his wife is saying; thus, he is not listening.

It has been said that everyone has the ability to hear but a few have refined and polished this to become an ability called listening. Listening is a very active process and it requires concentration. In listening, you will try to assimilate what you are hearing and internalize them to know what they truly mean. You process words, sentences and paragraphs to grasp the idea that the person is trying to convey.

If you are in a relationship, learn how to listen to your partner. Listening and not just hearing, will lead to better communication which then will also lead to a better and mature relationship.

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Christina Young (The Healing Heart Coach) is a passionate, loving coach who helps women through the pain of relationship challenges, divorce and life after divorce. Christina is an author of “A Woman’s Guide to Forgiving Infidelity” and “Love is a Rollercoaster” Christina is called on by the media for advice and has been on radio in the UK and USA and interviewed on TV. Having gone through her own personal relationship challenge she understands exactly how painful it can be. Christina knows how life can be when you come from a place of love and forgiveness. Christina is also helping people live a healthy life through the Thrive Experience.