How to Overcome Grief and Find Closure with Tim Braun

How to Overcome Grief and Find Closure with Tim Braun

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I talk to Tim Braun about how to overcome grief.  He is an internationally renowned medium who has conducted over 14,000 Sittings over the past twenty years. He currently lives in Orange County, CA, and is a graduate of the University of Southern California. Tim has been embraced by Hollywood celebrities, renowned athletes, and international corporate leaders. He has appeared on television in Bravo’s, “The Orange County Housewives” and the TLC network television show, “Sin City Rules”. He has been interviewed on CBS Radio “Sunday’s with Rolonda”, The Marilu Henner Radio Show, The MTV Movie Awards, and featured in Awareness Magazine.

Overcome Grief

Tim Braun

Tim shares his newly released book “Life and Death: A Medium’s Message to Help You Overcome Grief and Find Closure”.

In our conversation, Tim expands upon grief upon loss of a loved one and how it can question our own existence. Tim teaches his readers about the power of unconditional love and provides a step-by-step process on how to heal ourselves from grief, forgive ourselves, and find closure.

You can connect with Tim Braun at where you can purchase his book, learn more about him and see all of his upcoming events, including:

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Words of Praise from Arielle Ford ~ “Tim Braun’s new book is enlightening, healing and a gift of understanding. I recommend it to anyone who is grieving and wanting to find closure”

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