More Love (Less Panic) with Claude Knobler

Nancy Ferrari

More Love (Less Panic) with Claude Knobler

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I introduce you to my guest Claude Knobler, who is a natural comedian, writer, former radio show host of 14 years on over 150 radio stations nationwide, an actor, and yes, a private detective.  He is here today to share his beautiful book “More Love (Less Panic)” and will share what happens when both Claude and his wife, parents of 2 biological children, adopt an adorable and spirited 5 year old child from Ethiopia. Claude’s work has been featured on many media outlets and has also been featured in Parents magazine and

More LoveClaude Knobler shared the very beginning of his journey as a parent in this 2008 interview “Life is Wonderfully Ridiculous” for NPR’s “This I Believe” series: after reading a NY Times magazine story about an orphanage in Ethiopia, he told his wife Mary, that maybe they could help, trying to impress her with his generosity and kind heart, but never really believing she’d say yes.

And so alongside the seven year old son and five year old daughter they already had, Claude and Mary Knobler adopted Nati, a five year old Ethiopian boy who spoke no English to join their family in Los Angeles.

That was twelve years ago.

Now in his paperback release “MORE LOVE (LESS PANIC)”, Claude hilariously weaves together moving stories about trying to turn his loud, spirited, and “too happy” African son into a quiet, neurotic, Jewish kid like he himself had once been, quickly learning a lesson that made him a better father – not just to Nati, but to all three of his kids. More Love (Less Panic) is a beautiful, unique story, but most of all, it’s a guide to helping parents love their children without feeling they have to change them.

You may purchase “More Love (Less Panic)” through and available as an eBook as well.

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