Be Inspired with Myrcles with Cathy Davis

In this episode of The Nancy Ferrari Show, I welcome my special guest, Cathy Davis, author of “Myrcles: A Story of Miracles Hope and Inspiration”.

Cathy Davis

Cathy poignantly shares her childhood challenges with chronic asthma and then receiving the diagnosis in 1998 that deepened her journey of faith in God’s promise, her miracle and her devoted outreach to anyone in need of hope. The diagnosis of Stage III aggressive breast cancer was provided with a bleak prognosis, and she opted to enter an experimental treatment protocol at the Lombardi Cancer Research Center of Georgetown Hospital. Within 1-1/2 years of treatments, she grew even stronger in her faith as God assured her that she would not only survive the cancer, but that she would write a book and devote herself to helping others who face life’s difficulties.

Myrcles also provides stories of how to “stay in the day”, the important connection with family and friends, and embracing the simple pleasures in life. Truly inspiring and moving to my heart and soul, and I highly recommend this book to everyone as we all have a challenge we deal with in life. This book is especially for those of us:

Who have received a frightening medical diagnosis
Who have lost your job and can’t pay your bills
Who struggle with addiction, fear or despair
Who yearn for hope and a way to find or regain your faith

Cathy Davis is an inspiration and her book will surely touch your soul and inspire you to fulfill your own Divine Destiny!

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