Struggling With Self-Esteem

To spread the message and continue to inspire our existing passionistas I created a show called The Passion Point.

The Passion Point is a weekly talk show with each week featuring a different, talented passionista discussing their journey to self-fulfillment. Each guest is passionate
about what they do and is successful in pursuing a career in their field of choice.

KellyIn a chapter of my book Passionistas Talk, Volume One, I speak with Kelly Falardeau.  She’s a burn survivor from the age of two years old. She is constantly struggling with self-esteem and inner beauty. As you can see she is a beautiful, beautiful woman inside and out. She found a way to go from a near-death experience to success. From the “ugly-scar face girl” to the ten top most influential speaker Fierce Woman of the Year, two- time bestselling author and a medal recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

I asked Kelly her definition of Passion.

Says Kelly, I believe that your passion is when you are truly following your heart and totally in alignment with what you’re supposed to do. I’ve discovered when I have that passion, nothing can stop me from doing what I want to do. Life is just so full of joy and passion! I love it. I know when I truly started following my passion, that’s when all these truly magical things started happening to me.

Read more about what Kelly Falardeau has to say about passion in Passionistas Talk, The Best of The Passion Point Interviews!

If you would like to be interviewed on The Passion Point and be considered for the next volume of Passionistas Talk, please contact me here

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Caren Glasser