Powerful Performance Strategies – A-List Celebrities, CEO’s and Chipmunks Call On Steven Memel

We have about six seconds to engage with people to grab their attention, at best.

Steven Memel has developed “The Science of Switching On” after decades of work with peak performers that have to deliver an outstanding connection and experience every time.

It's usually a mystery to most people why they are really “on” some days when compared with others.

You want to be out there playing full tilt all the time? Systematize it. You want to know which “you” will show up when it matters most? Find a way to break things down, learn what the component elements are, and learn how to make those things a part of yourself, and you will be on the way to being in what's known as, “Flow State,”

In Episode 3, Steven and I talk about how he uses Skype and video conferencing to almost eliminate travel from his work with a long list of A-list celebrities and musicians. He also coaches corporate leaders who need to give “Steve Jobs level” keynotes and public performances.

Four rounds of Chipmunks - Well the Chipmunk movies…

Steven was called in by Fox Studios to help Justin Long get through a difficult day while filming Alvin and the Chipmunks. Steven saved the day and,his coaching was so valuable to the performance consistency, he ended up “being there” for Justin Long during every day of shooting for all three films in the series. They’ve just called him back for film four!

Whether you are in the public eye in a big way or not, your income and success is directly related to how you come across to people in person and on video and audio. We go over some concepts that may help you develop more consistent results and Steven’s free gift is additional training to help you “switch on”

Shoot the Bull - Steven has some truly inspiring things to share in our audio only “Shoot the Bull” segment that you won't want to miss.

How do celebrities create engagement? How can you trigger a high performance state? This is unique and highly important information, especially considering we all now have a “personal brand” in this interconnected brave new world of social media. It is his impactful system of “Switching On” that enables Steven to achieve rapid and dramatic results with his performers.

A quick example of his results: Steven's clients have recorded on Sony, Jive, BMG, DreamWorks, and others. Among those who have worked with Steven are recording artists Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, Jesse McCartney, Adam Levine, as well as actors Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Isabella Rossellini and many more. He has taught at Musicians Institute, UCLA, USC and is a regular speaker at seminars, conferences and universities around the world.t

We are dedicated to help you “Increase Your Sales, Network and Site Rank". If you have questions or you need help implementing strategies like setting up test web pages or surveys, we have a team in place that can help you!

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