The Passion Point – Caren Glasser and Linda P Jones

On today’s episode of The Passion Point Caren Glasser welcomes Linda P Jones

Linda P Jones, America’s Wealth Mentor talks about the importance of having your luxury brand and how we show up in our businesses.  She is transforming the way people think and learn about building wealth, as she teaches how to achieve your financial dreams in a way you’ve never thought possible – without using boring numbers, budgets, or spreadsheets.

Linda believes the Twin Pillars of Wealth Building – savvy investing like billionaires and creating a luxury brand business – are the shortest and most direct paths to financial success.  During her 25-plus year career working on Wall Street, she was responsible for a territory producing over $200,000,000 in annual sales. While the traditional Wall Street strategies, like holding the same investments until retirement and broad diversification, were used in her professional accomplishments – Linda found that a different strategy was working for her personal wealth building.  Join us as we talk about her story and how she has followed her passion.


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Caren Glasser