Hey Baby Boomers… The Best is Yet To Come! Healthy Options

Hey Baby Boomers… The Best is Yet To Come! Healthy Options

Are you over 50 years old? If so you’re bringing up the rear of what is called the Baby Boomer generation. I’m right there with you—only a little further up the line. I turned 70 last week and I’m having a blast!
I’ve lived life to its fullest, and don’t intend to stop for a long while. I’m exercising as many healthy options as possible. I hope you feel the same about your life. As we age, we change, but that doesn’t mean those changes need to slow us down—shift gears, maybe, but we don’t have to stop living full lives.

Healthy Options
After about 40, our bodies go through some major changes. I for one have a lot more aches, pains and stiffness; not to mention changes in my skin and good ol’ gravity doing its work. Some “golden years” these turned out to be, huh? When you take into account the normal changes of the aging process and add in the stress of everyday life, it all takes a significant toll.
I was very active when I was growing up. I danced ballet, rode motorcycles, surfed, took part in rodeos and much more. I had fun, but I was also abusing my body without a second thought.
These days I can feel my body paying me back for years of physical activity, but I have to say, it was all worth it.

Then something unexpected happened. I didn’t know it at the time, but it would change my life forever.

I was chemically poisoned and now suffer from fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is painful and debilitating in itself, but unfortunately arthritis decided to join the party somewhere along the way and leaves me feeling less “golden” and more “olden.”

When I was younger, I remember laughing about how old people always complained about their aches and pains and dietary requirements. Well, I’m there now. The difference is, I’m still laughing about it! The healthy options I incorporate daily make a huge difference.

In my youth I never gave my health a second thought, but I guess that’s just how most of us are while growing up. We don’t give much thought to taking care of our bodies, eating nutritious foods, or worrying about degenerative diseases.

Our parents provided us with our meals, made sure we got our exercise, and what happened?

We moved out and got hooked on fast food (yum!). I remember how cool it was to be able to drive up, order a hamburger, coke and a fries and just drive off. Nutrition wasn’t a concern for me, what about you? Do you do more than THINK ABOUT what you should be eating?
As a baby boomer, I have not only my own health to worry about, but the health of my kids and grandkids. I’m always stressing the importance of nutrition and supplementation, considering how depleted our soil has become. Also, fruits and vegetables are harvested and stored in warehouses long before they’re fully-ripe, only furthering the problem.
Now, I’m not going to go into detail concerning what happened to me in 2002. For that, you can go to my website at http://www.inspirationsforhealth.com and read all about it. What I will say about it, though, is that I was given 5-years to live.

Please follow my blog and I’ll share how I not only saved my own life with the support of a great doctor, but also what you can do to make your “Olden Years” into Golden Years.
Email me for a free consultation on healthy options for your lifestyle: 1@tammyklinger.com
Disclaimer: This article is intended for information only. I share my personal story, and what research I have found on the subject of healthy living. I do not diagnose, treat, or give medical advice. Consult your physician for medical advice.

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In 2002, Tammy Klinger, while on the job, saw someone collapse and rushed to help. Moments after exiting her vehicle, she began choking and her eyes and skin burned. Tammy had been chemically poisoned and given 5 years to live. Miraculously, she survived. Tammy has dedicated her life to sharing the knowledge and research that saved her life.