The Rest of the Story … From No Hope to a Healthy Life

The Rest of the Story … From No Hope to a Healthy Life

Greetings, Friends!
I ended my last article with a cliff hanger. I told you I had been chemically poisoned and was given 5-years to live. Guess what? That was a long time ago and I’m still here. I want you to know how I went from NO HOPE to a Healthy Life.

I thought about giving up for a millisecond and then said, no way! I was determined to fight and beat the odds of my prognosis. My attitude change was the first step to getting well.
With the help of two very special doctors, my toxicologist, and my internist, I was informed that my body’s cells were fighting the poisoning and that it was taking a considerable toll on me. They gave me some GREAT advice. They told me that if I wanted to fight back I needed to boost my immune system with the purest vitamins and antioxidants I could find. At first, that advice came as something of a shock. I was told there was NO HOPE for a healthy life and was expecting drugs, treatments, etc. Here they were prescribing vitamins!

Healthy Life

Vitamins, REALLY???

After the first two major visits to the hospital, I opted for drugs and almost ended up in the hospital again because of them! I guess you really do live and learn.
What did I have to lose? My LIFE.

So, I decided to listen to the doctors and started taking vitamins.

I went out and found the best vitamin supplements in the world, and started taking them religiously. After a few months, I felt a little bit better. It was my husband, though, who noticed the biggest difference in me as time went on. Slowly but surely, my health, strength, skin color and energy began to return to normal.

Before I started taking the supplements, I couldn’t walk without intense pain, and spent many months unable to even get out of bed. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t eat very much. Slowly, though, that all began to change. While I’ll never be 100%, I’m happy to be alive and where I am today. It’s 2016 and well-past my 5-year prognosis!

I believe that it was my vitamin regimen that brought my health back. I’ve got friends with their own health issues and they swear by vitamins too. You really do feel a difference.
I’ve learned a lot over these years, and I’d love to share what’s worked for me and my friends. I’m far healthier, more active, my skin and hair glows and I just love the compliments! If you’re interested, contact me at Let’s talk. I’d like to share what’s been so beneficial to me.

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Disclaimer: This site is intended for information only. I share my personal story, and what research I have found on the subject of healthy living. I do not diagnose, treat, or give medical advice. Consult your physician for medical advice.

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In 2002, Tammy Klinger, while on the job, saw someone collapse and rushed to help. Moments after exiting her vehicle, she began choking and her eyes and skin burned. Tammy had been chemically poisoned and given 5 years to live. Miraculously, she survived. Tammy has dedicated her life to sharing the knowledge and research that saved her life.