Gamification: Successful Virtual Scavenger Hunt

January 15, 2016 – Secretly Fortune 500 companies and organizations use games and contests as part of their marketing strategy to create brand loyalty, drive engagement, and enhance customers’ perceptions, resulting in increased sales and satisfied customers that consistently buy from them. Gamification is estimated to exceed $5.5 Billion in 2018.

GamificationUtilizing technology, innovative businesses and organizations of any size can  implement gamification using similar techniques that large corporations have been using for decades. This global wave is changing how you communicate and collaborate regardless of your industry.

“Micro commitments is the key – make it fun, easy and rewarding to participate in your game or contest in a short period of time. Consumers are looking for a return on the investment of their time. Recently we reached hundreds of thousands of executives and entrepreneurs encouraging them to play in our first global scavenger hunt .  Simply answer clues from Experts and win prizes instantly.” Says Joanne Weiland, founder of LinktoEXPERT and creator of the WILD (Will I Look Deeper) virtual Scavenger Hunt.

WILD Scavenger Hunt demonstrates how exciting games are being applied by experts and vendors to convert prospects to clients; chambers of commerce and executive organizations to secure members; and by media publications and on air programs to bring in additional sponsors and advertisers. Benefits of WILD:

Benefits of WILD:

  • Bring in your ideal new clients
  • Get extreme exposure to hundreds of thousands
  • Engage with executives, entrepreneurs, event professionals and experts
  • Have prospects  experience your solution and invite their colleagues

With a comprehensive knowledge of this global phenomenon, Weiland and her team offer up innovative fun challenges to engage and experience how new products, services and solutions can be beneficial. Next virtual hunt scheduled for March 21, 2016.

About LinktoEXPERT: Launched in 2007, LinktoEXPERT is the only Interactive Marketing Platform and Automated Sales System where professionals “move in” and experience instant traffic.

Immediately, qualified members can begin informing, showcasing and selling their unique solutions frequently and consistently to decision makers in less than 5 minutes weekly. Executives, entrepreneurs, inventors and investors join LinktoEXPERT to collaborate with peers to create joint ventures that elevates their status globally.

LinktoEXPERT is the respected source for business owners and project managers to implement ideas and to celebrate being the first to market. Leading experts agree that you need all of these elements to generate wealth. LinktoEXPERT delivers all of this in one system.

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Joanne Weiland

Chief Connections Officer at LinktoEXPERT
In 2002, I created Commanding View, Inc. to fulfill my passion to encourage others to be all they are designed to be. As my vision evolved in 2008 I invented LinktoEXPERT, a Web portal to implement your ideas with ease by collaborating with others, and leverage expert’s education, experience and contacts which ultimately results in exponential business growth and extraordinary success. I am blessed to have traveled over a million miles in the US and Caribbean learning from hundreds of experts while sharing my insights with thousands and forming alliances. Masterminding is my favorite sport. Many call me the energizer bunny. I enjoy a wide variety of daily exercises. My daily meditation fuels my contagious enthusiasm and creativity. I am Involved in my community where I belong to a vast array of organizations such as the University of Tampa's Leadership Coaching Program mentoring MBA students, a board member of Wheels of Success, a non-profit that provides transportation needs for working families, Infraguard a division of the FBI, Sheriff’s Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association, Neighborhood Crime Watch member, Homeowner’s Board, Certified Women Minority Business Enterprise since 2003, Certified 2012 Republican National Committee Vendor. Enjoy spending time with my family, friends and mentors.