Conscious Conversations; Finding Your Voice

On this episode of Connecting People, Changing Lives, Nancy and Caren talk with Ann Quasman about Conscious Conversations.

She is one woman who knows about transitions and continues to learn about the process on a daily basis. Life is not static in her world. She spent twenty years in corporate America in the male-dominated world (at that time) of investments, banking and navigating mergers. After years in the trenches finally reaching senior management and having that corner office, Ann had an epiphany (a.k.a. a vision brought on by total exhaustion and having “no life”). She realized that she was in no way close to leading the life she wanted to live and that she had strayed very far away from her own heart. Something had to give.

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That “ah-ha moment” triggered a series of shifts that ultimately led to her WomanTalk Live Radio Show in Baltimore, Girls Gone Great Scholarship Essay Contest, the Conscious Conversations Café panel shows, and her advocacy work for sexual assault survivors.

With her in-depth corporate background under her belt and after creating her business, Living in Your Heart, to provide “life” workshops and retreats for women, Ann turned her strategic acumen into a brand new concept – a radio show that would dive deep into women’s issues, while avoiding the cliché beauty, fashion and weight loss topics.

From early 2007 to the end of 2013, Ann grew WomanTalk Live from a radio show plunked down between male-focused programming and a national podcast, to a true community of women and men who actively engage in a more conscious conversation with Ann and each other every day almost 24/7 primarily through social media and her blog now.

In June of 2014, Ann and her husband relocated to Woodstock, Vermont, a place they had fallen in love with on numerous road biking vacations and trips to New England. It’s time to “live the dream.” She thought she would continue her WomanTalk Live podcasts, but another message is coming up for her… STOP and see what comes up next. It’s time for something new. So, another transition period started and is continuing.

But, you can rest assured, Ann continues having conscious conversations wherever she goes. She’s not done talkin’ yet.

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