How to Have a Bountiful Harvest in Your Business

Gloria Hass talks about How to Have a Bountiful Harvest in Your Business

I have found that not all businesses will do well where others flourish. What works for some on Facebook and Twitter might not for others while your business may take off from promotion on LinkedIn. In this economy, business can be quite slow.

There are time we feel as if all we’re doing is busy work. Then comes the day when we actually feel as if we’re working in an office and it’s your office at home! What an elated feeling that is. Then you feel as if you’re back to busy work. Actually the busy work is planting seeds. It takes time for a seed to get bigger. It takes more time for a plant to burst forth out of that seed and even more time for the young plant to break through the soil. Then with more nurturing your young business gets stronger. Then before you know it your business is running full force but don’t let that fool you because in order to keep your business going you need to plant even more seeds.

Don’t limit your business promotion to the Internet. Remember, there’s cold calling, pounding the pavement, networking meetings and make appointments to meet one on one with the people whose business cards you have taken. Go to recreational activities and make friends as you never know who you might find there that could use what you provide. If you provide a service remember the old fashion way of promoting other than business cards are flyers. Yes, flyers still work – just ask me as it works for one of the services I offer. When it comes to the flyers, take time out of your day to have the flyers made up then go to different businesses/shops and talk with the owners or office manager about what you do.

Remember to ask them if they see value in what you do. Once they say yes, then you ask them if you could leave some flyers for their customers. If you call on the phone it’s easy to say no. Yes, planting seeds is hard back breaking work and it does pay off. Remember this, if technology were to fade away how would you promote your business? The old fashion way is the answer. I am finding the old fashion way to still be in vogue.

Happy planting, nurturing and a bountiful harvest for all!

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