2015 Collaboration Champion Awarded

2015 Collaboration Champion Awarded

CollaborationAchieving your goals is faster and easier when you collaborate. Working together creates excitement, synergy and momentum.

Declare what you want to accomplish, then invite a group of people with similar values, to meet regularly and frequently to exchange ideas. You will each experience exponential growth as a result.

Gary Loper, Founder of Crystal Pathways, Inc. states “The mission is to join together; and with mutual effort, achieve much more than any of us would accomplish alone”.

Gary Loper, Twitter Expert, Business, Life & Social Media Coach, has been very instrumental in the success of how LinktoEXPERT members are consistently seen, heard and known worldwide with little effort. Gary has spear headed the LinktoEXPERT Twitter campaign in which he took the list of books Joanne Weiland read and collected, along with the author’s motivational quotes, and included them in their daily Twitter campaign. Recently, Gary was instrumental in the success of the first virtual scavenger hunt, which edutained hundreds of thousands of executives and entrepreneurs. Gary is involved in completing many projects that benefit the LinktoEXPERT global community. Mr. Loper encourages other LinktoEXPERT members on mastermind calls, rallies people together, and lights up the room at live conferences. Gary walks his talk, not just for show. Every day he embraces a positive mindset, in every possible way.

“That is why the LinktoEXPERT Collaboration Champion for 2015 Award Goes to Gary Loper” says Founder Joanne Weiland. When you hire someone with broader knowledge and more experience on the subject, you will save time, money and your reputation! LinktoEXPERT, a global community where you find experts, check their credentials and hire them in minutes. Consider hiring an Expert to be an integral member of your mastermind group.

About LinktoEXPERT: Launched in 2007, LinktoEXPERT is the only Interactive Marketing Platform and Automated Sales System where professionals “move in” and experience instant traffic.
Immediately, qualified members can begin informing, showcasing and selling their unique solutions frequently and consistently to decision makers in less than 5 minutes weekly. Executives, entrepreneurs, inventors and investors join LinktoEXPERT to collaborate with peers to create joint ventures that elevates their status globally.
LinktoEXPERT is the respected source for business owners and project managers to implement ideas and to celebrate being the first to market. Leading experts agree that you need all of these elements to generate wealth. LinktoEXPERT delivers all of this in one system.

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Joanne Weiland

Chief Connections Officer at LinktoEXPERT
In 2002, I created Commanding View, Inc. to fulfill my passion to encourage others to be all they are designed to be. As my vision evolved in 2008 I invented LinktoEXPERT, a Web portal to implement your ideas with ease by collaborating with others, and leverage expert’s education, experience and contacts which ultimately results in exponential business growth and extraordinary success. I am blessed to have traveled over a million miles in the US and Caribbean learning from hundreds of experts while sharing my insights with thousands and forming alliances. Masterminding is my favorite sport. Many call me the energizer bunny. I enjoy a wide variety of daily exercises. My daily meditation fuels my contagious enthusiasm and creativity. I am Involved in my community where I belong to a vast array of organizations such as the University of Tampa's Leadership Coaching Program mentoring MBA students, a board member of Wheels of Success, a non-profit that provides transportation needs for working families, Infraguard a division of the FBI, Sheriff’s Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association, Neighborhood Crime Watch member, Homeowner’s Board, Certified Women Minority Business Enterprise since 2003, Certified 2012 Republican National Committee Vendor. Enjoy spending time with my family, friends and mentors.