Purpose And Passion

To spread the message and continue to inspire our existing passionistas I created a show called The Passion Point.

The Passion Point is a weekly talk show with each week featuring a different, talented passionista discussing their journey to self-fulfillment. Each guest is passionate
about what they do and is successful in pursuing a career in their field of choice.

kathy-blue-vimeoIn a chapter of my book Passionistas Talk, Volume One, I speak with Kathy Stover. She is hands-down, one of the best, and prolific, social media strategists that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is the one you call when you want to grow your online reputation and online revenue. She’s the one that knows how to take what your graphic artist designs, what your IT guy programs, and all of the fans your Facebook guru got you, and turns them into real revenue.

I asked Kathy her definition of Passion.

Kathy says Purpose and Passion can be overused.
Says Kathy “I think that passion has been overused in some instances, but I feel it’s a core emotional feeling. It has a lot to do with alignment, who we are and the energy that comes from it. I think that passion comes from many different avenues in our lives. Sometimes it can be related sexually. Sometimes it can be related in the jobs that we do or the people that we connect with. Our children. Many, many things. So it boils down to the basic emotion and desire that we have to be in alignment with the energy of it. When I talk to clients of mine, and we talk about the difference between purpose and passion, one thing that I talk about is that we can be passionate about so many things. If we are on purpose, that is focused and that’s the main thing that our calling or our gifting is.”

Read more about what Kathy has to say about passion in Passionistas Talk, The Best of The Passion Point Interviews!

If you would like to be interviewed on The Passion Point and be considered for the next volume of Passionistas Talk, please contact me here

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Caren Glasser