Practices of Confident Entrepreneurs

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Practices of Confident Entrepreneurs

On this episode of The Passion Point Caren Glasser talks with Sheila Kennedy.
Confident EntrepreneursSheila, aka THE Confidence Coach, is a lead-by-example coach and best-selling author. Early in her career as a Life Skills Instructor with the US Army, she recognized that people learn best by example and sharing lessons learned is an important part of influencing people.

Sheila walks her talk and shares the results in her current book Choices to Changes, THE Confidence Coach Shares the Practices of Confident Entrepreneurs.  She features Twelve Global Entrepreneurs whose practice of confident entrepreneurship shapes their success by building more meaningful relationships and by making bigger profits, creating more influence and taking greater risks in the marketplace.

Sheila impacts entrepreneurs all over the globe by sharing the skills, tools and strategies to build the confidence they need to enjoy the life and business they desire.

Through her 8 + years as an entrepreneur, she has learned that confidence directly impacts the success of an entrepreneur and strongly influences marketing, visibility, relationship building, and profitability. She delivers the arsenal of tools to entrepreneurs to create a more profitable, more fulfilling and more influential business.

Sheila chronicled her lessons about building self-confidence in her best-selling book, You Had It All Along.  This blueprint for building confidence at your core was released after co-authoring the best-selling book, Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!  Being an example for entrepreneurs worldwide and sharing skills and strategies they need to thrive is one of Sheila’s greatest accomplishments to date.

Some of the things discussed:

1. What is the “Sweet Spot” for  a confident entrepreneur?
2. The POWER of the Zebra in her books and what the zebra has to do with confidence?
3.  Misconceptions about what confidence is, specifically the difference between confidence and self-esteem.
4. How her book will help entrepreneurs to grow financially, build meaningful relationships, take bigger risks and gain influence in the marketplace.

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