3 Tips To Get More Views On YouTube

3 Tips To Get More Views On YouTube

When marketing videos, you want to make and share them using these 3 tips to get more views on YouTube. You can leverage the power of video to get people’s attention and win customers and fans.

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Tip #1 Write An Interesting & Descriptive Title to Get More Views On YouTube

When you are inside your YouTube account and have uploaded your video, you will be asked to fill in some fields to describe your video. The first one will be your video title. Be as descriptive as possible when writing your title for your video. YouTube and humans can’t tell what is actually in your video before they watch it, so you have to let them know as best you can with your title.

The words in your title determine how YouTube lists your video in the search results when someone performs a search. In addition to YouTube search results, Google and other search engines will list your video according to the “keywords” in your title.
Usually, one or two word titles are not enough and don’t give a clear explanation to the viewer. Instead of writing “soccer” as the title, write a more detailed one such as “Playing Soccer at Garden Square Stadium”.

Another point is to capitalize the first letter of every word in the title. This makes it stand out more so people are more likely to click on your video over someone else’s. And don’t be afraid to get a little creative when you write your video title. An interesting title will get a lot more clicks than a boring title. Just make sure you still are detailed in the description and not be misleading.

Tip #2 Write A “Descriptive” Description to Get More Views On YouTube

Along with a descriptive title, your video description should contain descriptive words to explain your video even more in depth. Your description doesn’t need to be very long. On average just a paragraph or two explaining the contents of your video and any details about it you want viewers to know about it. Also, you should try to contain your “keywords” (words that when people search for will find your video) in this area.

Adding “keywords” into your description (as with the title) is very important for your video coming up in the search results. If you have the same keywords as you title, then YouTube will know that your video is definitely about “your keyword” e.g. “playing soccer” “garden square stadium”.
A bit of a ninja tactic with your description is that you can add your website URL (address) and it will turn into a clickable hyperlink. Just make sure it starts with http:// and it will be clickable. This is only if you want people to go to another page after watching your video so if you don’t have a website of your own, you don’t need to worry about this.

And most importantly, don’t forget to include a call to action. Tell your viewers what you would like for them to do next. I always include a way for my viewers to make a complimentary strategy session with me. I use an online scheduling and CRM platform called vCita.

Tip #3 Add Searchable Keywords And Tags to Get More Views On YouTube

Again, on the topic of Keywords, you’ll see when you go to upload your video, a field where you can add tags or keywords. These are also used to find and list your video in the search results when a user goes to search. So again, you’ll want to add as many relevant keywords in here that you want. You don’t need to go overboard here.

A good number is about 5 to 10 keywords. Anything more than that and you’ll look spammy. YouTube tells you that you can separate your tags by putting a comma after each keyword. For example, if you type in the tags field like this: play, soccer, garden, square, stadium, you will get 5 different keywords.

But what if your keyword is more than one word…or a string of words? e.g. “garden square stadium”. Here’s a trick to get a multi-word keyword show up as a single keyword. Type all of the keywords in the phrase and then put a comma, like this: twitter marketing, make money, Digital Diva,; then you’ll get groups of words that will end up as single multi-word tags.

The importance of “keywords” and “tags” in getting more views on YouTube and getting your video to show up in the top of the search engines (YouTube and Google) is related to the big picture of internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization).

Watch for the next post about sharing your video on Facebook & Twitter!

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